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3 NEW! Invasive Species added to PRIPS Maps Display in 2010: Himalayan Balsam, Dame's Rocket, and Flowering Rush

Himalayan Balsam: Did you know this plant is considered invasive in Manitoba?

Flowering Rush: Don't rush out to buy this plant!

Aquatic invaders threatening our local waterways

Knapweeds on the Prairies

Invasive plants added to herbicide label in 2010

Protecting Manitoba's trees from Emerald Ash Borer

Invasive Species: The battle against alien animals (and plants)

Nasty, poisonous plant cause burns, blindness. Giant Hogweed Factsheet

PRIPS was created and managed by the Rural Development Institute at Brandon University with technical support from the Canada Rural Economy Research Lab. In 2010, management of PRIPS was taken over by the Invasive Species Council of Manitoba.

Canada Rural Economy Research Lab (C-RERL)

The Canada Rural Economy Research Lab (C-RERL) is located in the Department of Bioresource Policy, Business & Economics at the University of Saskatchewan.

C-RERL is a state-of-the-art research facility designed to study Canada's rural economy, quality of life, and environment utilizing the latest GIS software and statistical packages.

C-RERL examines all issues that affect the vitality of Rural Canada from a diversified economy, healthcare, environment, amenities, transportation, to a productive and sustainable agricultural sector. Whether it is linking GIS to survey results, creating informative maps, to analysis using complex statistical techniques, C-RERL endeavors to use the most innovative research approaches to assess issues that affect all Canadians.

Greencover Canada Regional Technical Assistance Program

The objective of the Regional Technical Assistance Component is to provide technical assistance and technical transfer tools to accelerate the adoption of beneficial management practices for the sustainable use and management of pasture, hayland, critical/riparian areas and, shelterbelts on the agricultural landscape. The component will enhance program delivery mechanisms for technology transfer to groups and individuals through the provision of technical expertise and financial support to develop extension tools.

Invasive Species Council of Manitoba (ISCM)

The Invasive Species Council of Manitoba (ISCM) is a non-profit organization providing centralized and coordinated province-wide leadership by adopting a collaborative approach to the prevention, early detection, management and potential eradication of invasive species in Manitoba
Maintain a healthy, bio-diverse landscape through the prevention, early detection, and education and awareness of invasive alien species management practices in order to eradicate or limit further spread.

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